Become a member

Please print this form and fill it out. Bring it and your check (payable to Madison Weavers Guild) to a meeting or mail them to: Kathy Derene 5702 Old Sauk Rd., Madison WI 53705
MADISON WEAVERS GUILD Membership Form for 20222023


Membership Category
__ New                    $ 15.00
__ Renew                $ 20.00
__ Student (w/ ID)  $   5.00
(include Zip)
What interests you about being a member of the Guild?
Ideas for future programs.  What topics would you like to learn more about? 
Other guild activities you’d be willing to take part in:

     __ Holiday Party (help plan and organize)
     __ Members’ show (help plan, organize, execute)
     __ Newsletter (write, find articles)
     __ Develop/update website
     __ Weave a swatch for the newsletter
     __ Serve on the board
     __ Demonstrate for local schools
     __ Give a mini workshop, program at a meeting
     __ Other  (what?)
Areas of interest:
__ functional items         
__ felting
__ pattern drafting          
__ double weave
__ basketry                         
__ field trips
__ bobbin lace                   
__ ikat                                  
__ tapestry                                             
__ rugs                   
__ sales             
__ spinning 
__ dyeing   
__ Other (what?)
Your looms:

For new members, how did you find out about the Guild?