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Please Note: Equipment listings are provided as a courtesy. The sale is strictly between the seller and buyer. Buyers should contact sellers directly. The Madison Weavers Guild is not involved in the transaction other than listing the item. We will try to remove listings once the item has sold (please let us know!), or if the listing has been on the page for an extended amount of time with no indication of sale.


I am a local fiber artisan in Madison. Because my focus has shifted almost exclusively to knitting, I am selling most of my 5/2 perle cotton. I have 45 pounds in 62 colors (please see attached picture).  All of it is in excellent condition. I estimate the current retail value at $1100. I am asking$500 for the whole lot.

Barb Avery


Older, very sturdy, probably handmade, 4 shaft, 6 treadle, counterbalance loom.
Approximate 40″ weaving width (harness measurement) – 52″ overall width
One 12 dent reed.

Contact Jeff

Cranbrook Loom For Sale

Solid American Maple Loom
Made by Heritage Woodcrafts
Pontiac, MI
Counter March – 8 harness – 10 Treadle
Maximum weaving width – 60″
Inside width of loom – 65”
Floor Space – 79”W x 57″D x 64”H
This is a great loom!
Also includes and Auxiliary Warp Beam with Friction Brake, Suspended Tool Shelf, Stick and Reed Shelf, 10 & 6 dent Stainless Steel Reeds, and Raddle.  Plus, Weaving Bench by Leclerc with closed storage under seat and open storage on each side, 44″ x 26″.

Total Price:  $4,300.00

Contact: Barbara Heike
Green Bay, WI

Kyra Table Loom

Foldable, portable 4 Heddle Kyra Table Loom.

24” wide, 26” high.   Includes 2 lease sticks.  I am asking $200. I also have lots of yarn that I would like to sell. This is a nice workshop loom with pull down levers located in the center. Contact Sandra Hartwig at (608) 575-6980. (9/25/2018)

Sievers Folding Loom

The Sievers folding loom is made of maple: it stands 40.5” at the top of the castle: The reed is 37”. There are at least 2 different sizes of reeds: the width is 45”: the open depth is 42.5”the whole loom folds up to fit in most common depth size closets, it can be folded (I believe) with an in progress project: there are 2-3 shuttles, lease sticks,  the warping board, the cherry bench, numerous weaving materials. I am asking $1,500 for the complete weaving set listed above. My husband was a very talented woodworker and the loom is beautiful and in perfect condition.  This is a 4 treadle loom with direct tie-up and very good for rugs and fine items.

Contact Sandra Hartwig at (608) 575-6980. (9/25/2018)


made in Springfield, OH

Weaving width 31”
42” X 42” by 43” high, folds to 42” wide X 20” deep X 55 1/2” high
4 shaft, 6 treadles (*chains)
Includes: #10 dent and #6 dent reeds
lease stick
12 warping sticks
raddle (1/2” intervals)
sleying hook
8 stick shuttles 18” (2), 22” (2), 27” (4)
$550 or best offer Sturdy loom in good condition, located in Madison, WI
608-233-9468, (9/2018)



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