Equipment for Sale

Please Note: Equipment listings are provided as a courtesy. The sale is strictly between the seller and buyer. Buyers should contact sellers directly. The Madison Weavers Guild is not involved in the transaction other than listing the item. We will try to remove listings once the item has sold (please let us know!) or if the listing has been on the page for an extended amount of time with no indication of sale.

Looms and Accessories for Sale


8 harness Schacht table loom, 04/26/2024

15 weaving width, 20” wide by 26” deep, 10 dent stainless steel reed. It comes with the stand and the shuttle tray. When sitting on the stand the width is 26”.

Price $650 cash only, pickup only (located in Madison). Contact

Rasmussen table loom and LeClerc warping frame, 08/02/2023

$600.00 price includes all items in the photos:
        Rasmussen 4 harness 25” table loom bought in the late 70s
        LeClerc 10 yard warping frame
        Fibers are wool, linen, and cotton

Contact Jana Healy at, Cambridge, WI